Friday, May 4, 2012

--Unlike most of my posts on this blog, this post is a poem I wrote today in a chapel.  I hope you enjoy reading it--


And though we are apart, you and I shall always be together. You in my heart and I in yours. And though Space separates us, Time binds us. We shall meet again, my love, and when we do, we shall rejoice.
           ~ Rosemary, My Eternal Love

And after the years slip away, and my hair grows white and weak, my love endures. And after the bowels of my ship have grown worn and cracked, and the sails lay in tatters, my ship's hope to return remains.

           ~ My Sunshine Flower

And after the skies have lost color and the clouds have gone dark, and hope has been lost, passion remains. And after the flooded decks have dried, and the wet sails ripped, the ship drifts into the harbor, where the old widow waits.

           ~ My Life's Meaning 

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