Sunday, June 26, 2011

An Amazing Truth

What I have come to know as Philosophy is an ever-changing, ever-enlightening, ever-flowing, stream of incredible knowledge. It started all out as that of finding out a simple task. That of which I did not understand in the least. People. I was very different from others from the start, but when I began to study Philosophy, they almost regarded me as their inferior.

Yet, I continued to study this wonderful subject of which I now have devoted my life to. I regard it as one of my highest loves, and I will follow it until I am shown I should not. I realized that all that people truly do is test. Not consciously, for the reason they think they do it is to laugh at someone and feel powerful, but the subconscious task that attacked me day after day at my old school was that on insults, teasing, bullying and ridiculing. I felt pain in the process, but it is only now that I realized why I survived it. Because I clung on to the thing that caused this 'problem' in the first place. My human need for knowledge. Philosophy was a stream and I had an unquenchable thirst. If I had given up on the subject and simply gone away with the selfish minds of the masses, I wouldn't be alive. I would be a walking zombie, consuming endlessly, like all the others. But I stuck with my stream and it rewarded me with dozens of fish.

I now realize so many incredible facts of the world that I couldn't even begin to fathom had I not incidentally tripped upon this marvelous, hidden subject. Philosophy is my lifestyle and in that shall it stay, for it could well be the most impressive and fantastic accident I fell upon in my life. I may include many other subjects here, for what people call philosophy is demented. It is the study of the human being while constantly taking into account the physical patterns of the brain, nervous system, and many other works of mother nature. What people don't understand is that in the eyes of History and Philosophy, the physical is nothing. Philosophy is a literally endless supply of knowledge for all and every human being in just that study of himself. To understand who one is, and what one must do, is that feeling of true power.

Not the childish sort of which people must hurt others in order to feel. This power is self-supplying, self-emanating, and self-making. In a way it defies the laws of physics, because it is a (metaphorical)endless supply of completely free energy. Energy, meaning knowledge. That of which drives us to achieve greatness and that of which drives us to help others achieve greatness. What more is but the sole human goal? There doesn't have to be a game for us humans to want to win. We make our own rules, we make our own victory conditions, and therefore that creation creates us. We all are born with a certain amount of rebellion and need to be better. Or so we think. What that truly is, is the need to achieve greatness, not by others, but by oneself. If you are proud of the knowledge and personal achievement you have made then you have achieved the most powerful form of greatness. Infinite power. This infinite power allows you to do something so radically important in your life, that some might say it is the only way to achieve your meaning of life.

Be yourself. In this I credit Nanice Ellis for teaching me this, as it has opened up a world of knowledge to me. If you become so powerful as to be able to break the doors of this social environment and be able to exert yourself firmly in this world of electronics and unchanging individual needs, then you have achieved one of the most important things in life. However so, the only thing that this does is open your eyes to an incredibly new thing. True happiness. Though true happiness has existed ever since the first human thought, it has been deleted from our minds in such a widespread fashion that sometimes I doubt if all of humanity will be able to achieve this blissful state. This 'true happiness' is the most incredible feeling in life. It drives you to live and what it does is that it realizes your life, and makes it worthwhile. There is but one sole thing that rivals this incredible feeling.

Achieving your meaning of life, through work, sweat, and sometimes even blood can mean achieving the absolute highest feeling of self-worth and self-confidence and yes, even true happiness. This is because you completed the sole thing in life that really meant something to you. Most people just continue on living after this, not realizing what had happened. What you do after you achieve this feeling; this feeling that we all have at least once in our lifetimes, is find a new meaning of life. Otherwise what would the point of life be? This is one of the reasons why I now disregard immortality. In an infinite amount of time, all meanings of life will have been completed. And people will want to die. It is a shame, truly, but immortality is not what nature intended. It intended for us to know that life would end, therefore, making it so much more beautiful. Knowing that we will die and that we might achieve an incredible feeling of power before we do so, means the world to us. I hope that you enjoyed this essay.

- Alejandro Rocha

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